Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Shikar Kothi Meadows

Here is my collection of images from trips to this amazing wild-land. The images are from trips made between January 2007 to February 2008. Hope you enjoy them. Feel free to critique. Click on the images to go to gallery.

Bhitarkanika is India's second largest patch of contiguous mangrove forest- next only to the Sunderbans- and is home to the densest population of Saltwater aka Estuarine Crocodile in the subcontinent. Over 1500 salties- the largest living reptiles on the face of this planet- share ~ 650 sq kms of mangrove forest, estuaries and beaches with mind blowing avian and reptilian fauna.

Unlike the forests more inland, mammals take a back seat here as reptiles rule this real life Jurassic Park. However, that doesn't stop it from being home to some extremely rare mammals like the leopard like Fishing Cat and Irrawaddy and Bottle-Nosed dolphins, not to forget other 'common' creatures like chital, wild boar, jackals and hyenas. I'll keep adding to this album as I go on visiting Bhitarkanika.

Bhitarkanika is home to there species of monitor lizard, the largest of which is this,
the seven footer Water Monitor Lizard.

Bhitarkanika is home to 1500 Saltwater Crocodiles

An Asian Openbilled Stork


Daniel said...

Hi Aditya,

I support and am glad to read of all your activities. Being a wildlife lover myself, I really would like to get involved in wildlife conservation and research, though I currently work in the corporate field. Do you have any ideas?


Tanny said...

Good to know that conservation efforts are alive and going in India. I didn't know that there were crocodiles in India. Keep up the good work

Aditya said...

Thanks guys. Sorry for the late reply... I had been traveling for around a month and was off-line most of the time. Daniel, if you can elaborate about what exactly you would like to do in this field, may be I could help you better.

Tanny, conservation is quite a challenge in the Indian sub-continent- the diversity here is unparalleled anywhere in the world and at the same time we have the second largest number of people living off this land... there are huge obstacles but the overwhelming passion and commitment of the (relatively) few conservationists has made all this last into this age. Speaking of crocs, we have three species of them here- the highly endangered gharial, the mugger or marsh crocodile and the saltwater crocodile.


Tanny said...

I can imagine that the social and economic pressures on the Indian subcontinent make for a very delicate balancing act. Even in Australia where the population is a great deal more aware, the pressures of expanding urbanisation is still leading to increasing loss of natural habitat.
Do keep up the good work

Daniel said...

Well, that's just it. I'm not sure myself. I've always wanted to do something for the cause of wildlife. But being a resident of Mumbai, I'm not sure how I go about this.

I'd really like to get involved in some kind of research project involving wildlife to start with, just to see what it's all about.

Aditya said...

Daniel, you could start by volunteering with/joining BNHS camps, WWF camps and the like... read up as much as you can on the subject, visit as many forests as you can, understand the wilds and may be a few years down the line you could start thinking about it. All the best!

universal tom said...

Hey Buddy,
great to see ur album and more importantly the comments....
Ur thoughts and penning down was always good....
now it has taken a touch of a more comprehensive and detailed professional look...!!!
So, congrats on a job....done realy well and with passion!!!!
I have been to satpura national park in MP....last month and it was a good trip!!! but i am having some issue regards to pic uploading which i have already mailed to u ....please provide some insights on how to do it...!!!
and again...keep it up!!!!
love...ur old friend...Tamojit

suraj said...

hey aditya ,

you know there has been a lot of talk on the net about the 23 footer saltwater croc in bhitarkanika ,can you provide some photo evidence or hav you seen this monster during your visits there ?

Aditya said...

Suraj, I haven't seen the 23 footer yet... wish me luck for this winter!

Dipankar said...

Hi Aditya,

I request please visit Sunderban at West Bengal. Really they are now trouble. But your report to Sanctuary Asia June issues is great Keep it on. I visited Manglajodi on 28th november 2009. next Plan to Visit on that spot at January.

vishnu joshi said...

Nice post about bhitarkanika tour.