Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hi everyone,

I've been tripping rather hectically since the beginning of 2007. Keeping this blog updated with so much travel has become rather difficult. Although I'm trying my best to put up detailed trip reports ASAP, I'll take this opportunity to brief you about some of my most memorable incidents in '07.

* Perhaps the best thing that happened in 2007, by me, has been my trips to the Satkosia Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary. To see Satkosia bouncing back and its tigers making a comeback- breeding and refusing to perish under human pressure, has been a dream come true. To top it all, on 31 December '07, a day before the Forest Rights Act was implemented, Satkosia was declared Orissa's second Tiger Reserve- 11 years of untiring effort by Wild Orissa, with whom I have been volunteering with since the past five years, has finally paid off. It'll be a while before I post my trip reports here. Until then, please go through the images I made there by clicking on these images:

* The second most memorable part of '07 has been my trip to Tadoba Tiger Reserve in November '07. I made the trip with my friend Dayani Chakravarthy, from Mysore, and had a great experience interacting with the Tiger Research and Conservation Trust (TRACT) who're doing excellent work there. The trip also gifted us with a great tiger sighting apart from many other herbivores and some great birding. A few images from that trip can be seen on my INW Gallery by clicking on the image below.

* Apart from some major wildlifing, in many shorter trips throughout the year, one major mentionable is that I was honored to receive the "Sanctuary Asia-ABN AMRO Young Naturalist of the Year Award '07". Click on the image below for details on that.

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