Thursday, November 30, 2006

SOME OLD SCANS OF FILM IMAGES- A modest beginning as a photographer

The famous tigress, Khairi, being fed by my grandfather. Pic: S R Choudhury

Here is an insight into my beginning as a wildlife photographer! Almost all of them were taken with my Vivitar 3000s SLR, with a little 50mm lens. The "Brook's Hill Stag" was a freak, taken with a little point- and - shoot fixed focus camera! Khairi's photo was taken by her owner, S R Choudhry, the first Field Director of Simlipal Tiger Reserve. Do post your comments!

Chital Stag, Brook's Hill, Sambalpur

Wild mushroom, Bangiriposi, Mayurbhanj, Orissa.

Brown Fish Owl if I remember correctly, Bannerghatta

Bonnet macaque, Bannerghatta, Karnataka

Village in the middle of Chandaka Elephant Reserve

Deras Reservoir, Chandaka-Dampara Elephant Reserve

Chital hoof print, Deras, Chandaka

Gharial, Bannerghatta, Karnataka

Iguana, Bannerghatta, Karnataka

R K Beach, Vizag. The hill is called 'Dolphin's Nose'

The sky from my terrace

Can anybody identify this lizard for me?

I found this snail on a fruitless trip to Jashipur, an entry to Simlipal. The snail was the only compensation for the all trouble!

Tree frog in my garden


Gautam Trivedi said...

hey aditya thats a cool also has my grand dad Mr. A.N Tiwari my nanaji in the middle and my i remember khairi...i also had a lot of pictures clicked with her u have any more pics of Khairi?

Sripad Sridhar said...

Your Brown Fish Owl is most probably a Great horned Owl,notice the horns?
Nice photos.